“How could I forget?” I found myself asking this question over and again on Sunday morning. How could I forget? Why did I forget?

It had been a very busy and overwhelming Saturday. I will explain.

I started my day round about 6.30am because I had a 7am meeting, which lasted till noon. After the meeting, I rushed to the store to pick up some items I required for another meeting scheduled for 1pm. I dropped off the items at the meeting venue, said a hurried goodbye to the meeting host and rushed home, hoping to play with my baby for a couple of minutes and have a 10-minute power nap. Undesirably, I woke up an hour later, rushed out of the house and picked up a friend who I had invited. We made a quick stop at her behest and then we went for my 1 o’ clock… at about 2.30pm. The meeting was a party, so we had fun and about 6pm, I and my friend signed out – I was exhausted – naturally, so I headed home.

It wasn’t over yet. I had a bit of a shouting match in front of my house as someone, in my opinion, had driven inappropriately and caused an accident. I didn’t realise how tired I was, but I remember waking up because I had an unusual dream, I woke up praying and to the sound of my baby crying. I tried everything I knew to do, but she refused to be comforted. I prayed, I cuddled, I sang and danced but she kept crying, for no apparent reason. At about 3am, I was hurting and near tears myself, so I called my husband who was out of town at the time and he tried to speak with her but she kept crying. In the midst of the tears, around 4am, she slept off and was up again at 7am still crying…by this time, her 67-year-old nanny was also crying.

We were able to get her ready for church, gave her some breakfast with paracetamol and we set out. As we worshipped in church to a song that reiterated how good God is, tears flowed freely from my eyes. I could hardly control it. How did I forget that God is good?How could i forget that in spite of how overwhelming a situation may appear, it can only end in one way…it can only end in the display of God’s goodness and His extreme faithfulness. How did I forget?

Then my Pastor came up and preached a message on Covenant Consciousness and how by 2 immutable things it is impossible for God to lie – His Covenant and His Promise! As if he heard my thoughts, he said “God knows that it is possible for you to forget his covenant with you and His promise to you, which is one of the reasons why we take the Communion…to remind us of His Covenant and His Promise. At the end of the service, Baby was amazingly fine and back to her cheerful self…and many mothers made a note to tell me that what I experienced at night was absolutely normal.

However, I left church with a greater truth, not just that babies can have a crying feat, but that I need to constantly remind myself of how faithful God is to His Covenant and His promise. The next time, it may not be a crying baby, it could be the consequence of a bad decision or some lying vanity or the other…I cannot afford to forget that God is faithful to His Covenant and to His promise.

No matter what – we cannot forget that.

In December people take stock of the year and are tempted to feel depressed and/or overwhelmed by unaccomplished goals or stubborn situations – Don’t! This is one situation where we are permitted to have a One-track mind. Whatever it is cannot end in any other way…It can only end in Praise – Never forget that!


On a slightly windy and starry night, KP decided to spend some alone time with his wife MP. As they are extremely busy people, the only time that appeared to be available was 10.30 pm. They contemplated how they would spend this time together, time they had succeeded in stealing from their hectic day (turned night). They decided to take a drive on the third mainland bridge (the longest bridge in West Africa).

Off they went, top speed, enjoying the fact that at that time, the bridge would be completely devoid of traffic and this would make the drive a lot more pleasant. Just as it seemed convenient to hit cruise control, MP spotted a ditch and as she yelled “look out!” KP was entering the ditch… powerfully too! Remember they were on top speed.

This of course resulted in a tyre blow out…and they were alone …at 10.50pm…on the longest bridge in West Africa!!! I think this whole situation was further complicated by the fact that it was quite late and they did not have the tools required to fix their car, plus it was a limited brand and as such it would be unlikely that most people would have it. Even if by some strange twist of fate, someone was driving on the bridge, would they stop and offer to help? If they did, would they have the tools to fix the tyre of this peculiar brand of car? If they had the tools, would they be able to fix it?

Questions upon questions….I am not sure if they prayed…but God heard!

Out of nowhere, a gentleman dressed in white, pulled over and without saying a word, changed the tyres, got into his car and drove off. They stared at his rear lights as he drove away and then at each other, wondering…. “what just happened???” – God happened!

Time and time again, God proves to us that we can never be stranded, I admit that sometimes, especially in situations like this, all hope seems bleak…Most times when we face situations where there is no indication that there is a God…He shows up…and sends…wait for it….an Angel.


She got up that morning, not particularly excited about the day for reasons a lot of women can relate to – Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Cramps). Nonetheless, she had to go to work and look good while at it or at least attempt to.

It was also her office buddy’s birthday and she needed to celebrate the day with her. So she screamed, when everybody was screaming, laughed when everyone was laughing and participated in the day’s celebration while struggling with the pain and discomfort from the cramps.

Finally, the day was done and she needed to make a stop on her way home. She battled fiercely with the decision to make the stop or head home instead –  she decided to go home determined to brave through the traffic in spite of the pain. As she drove, she noticed that the cars to her left were changing lanes. “There’s probably a broken-down vehicle ahead”, she thought, when suddenly, she saw a car on fire. Quickly, she navigated her way to the car and parked in front of it (maintaining a reasonable distance of course). She jumped out of her car and reached for her fire extinguisher. She noticed that another car had parked behind hers and a gentleman came out, also with a fire extinguisher. Together, they helped put out the fire, saving the car from being burnt to ashes.

She ended the story by saying to me, “it was a tough day, I could have made my stop instead of going home directly, but God knew that the occupants of that car would need help, I’m glad He chose me to help them – I’m glad God chose me”.

To my friend and to the gentleman who put out the fire and saved complete strangers from total disaster – inspite of whatever they were dealing with at the time, You are angels and I say, Salute!


The Bible refers to Angels as ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation. As a matter of fact, my Pastor touched on this a bit at last week’s midweek service. Today though and probably in the next couple of posts, I will be writing about phenomenal people. People who have been awesome to other people. I am extremely honoured that the recipients of the good deeds and the people who did these deeds – shared their stories with me. Here’s the first story:

So a friend of mine – boisterous, full of life, one who considers the world her oyster – decided to leave her extremely well-paying job to start her own business. A very bold move. She talked about the excitement of starting something new and how while working for her employer she thought to herself, “I can do this now, why don’t I channel all this energy into doing my own business.” She talked about how she had enjoyed working with her employers and how she made so many friends.

One of the friendships/relationships she had made was with another lady equally as lively as she is…she said the lady wasn’t particularly nice to her but….” Oh well it was one of those things” she said. They used to call each other names like mumu (dummy), calf…not quite sure I remember the names of the other animals, bottom line – they used to throw shade at each other. She also mentioned that there was a class distinction between the lady and herself – my friend often felt inferior as the lady was a full staff and she was on contract.

As she told me this story, I did not want to ask, the questions that tugged at me. Questions like” Did you do a feasibility study? Did you save up enough money to cater to your needs for a year at least? Did you have a couple of clients just waiting for you to start so they could sign up? How exactly did you arrive at the decision to leave and start your own business?” – I thought of all the “Did Yous” imaginable.

I was jolted out of my thoughts, when she said, “I suffer no be small” (I had a really hard time). “I couldn’t believe how difficult business development was”. People that had promised her transactions weren’t able to keep their promise. Then she said, “But God sent me an angel”. Guess who it was people? The mumu, calf, animal – her ex-colleague. Before she could say more I interjected by saying “sebi you see say na you be animal!” (Clearly you are the animal) and we both burst out laughing.

Apparently, her ex-colleague called her to check on her and to see how life as an entrepreneur had turned out …and she said she didn’t have a good story to tell her. Then she said, “She put me on a salary!” I said, “I don’t understand, please explain”.

She said “this girl, this ex- colleague said to me “I imagine that starting a business is tough, so I will put you on a salary till you get another job. When you get another job, try to save and plan your exit, because I believe you should do this business, you just need to be more prepared!”

Wow! I was officially blown away, blown out of the water! My friend said to me “God proved, from the most unlikely source, that He is my source & sufficiency – God sent me an Angel!”

Guess what people… They Walk Among Us. May God grant us the grace to discern the angels around us…in Jesus name, Amen!



Strawberry Daiquiri Night

“I am taking you out”, “Yipeeeee!!!” I screamed. It would be the first time my husband would be taking me out after having our baby – my testimony, the Word of God made flesh… now that’s a story for another day. I got up quickly, dashed into the room and in 20 minutes I was done…yellow V-neck T shirt, a pair of blue Jeans, sandals and a soft facebeat.

As we drove out of the Estate, I couldn’t believe how excited I was to be going out. The car windows were wound down and I shut my eyes and smiled as I felt the night air brush against my face. We drove into the suburb (at least that’s what I like to call it) and I was amazed at how much it had changed. It had been roughly a year since I had gone out…the night was truly alive! Tall buildings had sprung up and were still springing up, the streets were well lit and people were all over the place…Wow! – so much development in such a short time or was I too bugged down with pregnancy to notice? hmmm…

My thoughts were interrupted as I noticed we were parking in front of a place I had never been to. My husband said to me “don’t panic as we walk in…don’t freak out”. I am sure by now your mind is racing as mine was at the time- “where are we? what sort of place could he be taking me to?” I calmed my thoughts and said to myself “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”. As we approached the door, I saw a man like a mosaic statue – well built, ushering us in, “welcome” he said. The room was dark with mood lights, bright enough to make out faces; the music was loud but we could still hear our voices. Then I saw girls walking all around in lingerie, some were dancing on a slightly elevated platform at the centre of the room and 2 others were pole-dancing at opposite ends of the room…then it hit me… “I am in a Strip Club”!

I sat down beside my ‘Dear’ husband, who kept mum…probably watching me and observing my every reaction, you know this type – the sweet, yet strong silent type. A well made-up, pleasant lady walked up to us and asked us what we would drink as she showed me the menu. My husband ordered a chapman and when I found my voice…I heard myself asking “what kind of cocktails do you have?” The nice lady pointed at various cocktails on the cocktail menu and then I ordered a Strawberry Daiquiri – virgin.

As we waited for our drinks, one of the dancers walked toward us and asked if we were interested in a lap dance and my husband told her we were not. We were served our drinks and for some weird reason, as I watched the girls dancing I spilled my drink on my T-shirt…yup my bright yellow T-shirt. Different thoughts raced through my mind as I saw the dancers move skillfully up and down the poles. I thought, “does he expect me to be this flexible going forward? Is this the type of body he would prefer I have in the next couple of weeks? Is he thinking about erecting a pole in our bedroom so I can entertain him in a similar fashion?” Then his gentle voice…interrupted my thoughts… “what would you say is the difference between you and these girls?” I lost my voice – trust me that doesn’t happen very often. He continued, “I think, they believed they didn’t have a choice. You are not necessarily better than they are, but at some point, probably to cater to some pressing need or the other, they must have been convinced that they didn’t have any other choice – but everybody does. Teach our daughter that God is all that she has, help her to know that God is her plan A and Plan B…her only plan. Teach her to work hard and allow God to handle that which only He can handle”.

We finished our drinks, paid and left. I left that place with empathy for the dancers, understanding people do different things for different reasons – not justifying their choices, but understanding that probably, they were never exposed to the God that I know. Then I thought about my daughter and the God who gave her to me and I prayed in my heart for grace to train her in the way that she should grow, so that when she grows, she will not depart from it. As we pulled into the driveway, I jumped out of the car, ran upstairs -straight to my baby’s room and began to pray and prophesy on my daughter- “God is all you have” I told her. “You are protected, you are preserved, you are favoured, you are wise. You can never be disadvantaged, you will love and serve God from an early age. God is your plan A and your Plan B. He is all you have.”

I called that night – Strawberry Daiquiri.