Waiting – “O how I hate waiting” I have often heard people say – to be honest, I say it  too. Anytime I travel and I have to have someone pick me up from the airport, I find myself reminding them of how I hate waiting and how it is imperative, extremely important, that they are there just in time. To be fair to me, each time I have to pick someone up, I ensure that I am there on time, it is probably because I know how waiting makes me feel and I definitely don’t want anyone feeling like that.

However, like I indicated last week, there is nothing wrong with waiting. God actually rewards, even for the time we have waited. So what do we do with the “wait time”? How am I supposed to be, or act while I wait for my change to come. Before my dream car comes, do I buy a key holder in faith and in anticipation of the car; while I wait for my new job, should I buy new clothes reflective of the office I am hoping to work in some day; while I am waiting for a suitor, do I start learning how to cook in anticipation of the times when I will be cooking for my home; so many questions that revolve around what to do or what to have before our change comes.

While all these questions/actions may be good, I think the first thing is to do BE! Yup! I once read – not sure I read it, I probably heard it somewhere, but I have never forgotten it – “Work on Being and Not on Having, for with what You Are, You will Have”. It was so profound. I remember meditating on it over and over again. Amazing! Essentially who I am will determine what/who I attract.

Many times we focus on doing – I need to do up the nursery in anticipation of having a baby; I need to buy a house in preparation for marrying a wife, I need  to make this contact, so that I can get this business deal. Many times we opt to follow the instructions of Faith, rather than spend time with the Author of faith. The Bible talks about the fact that, the more time we spend with God, the more we are changed into His image…from glory to glory, by His Spirit.  I say it without fear of contradiction, that I am defined by God, that means that I draw my definition, the essence of my being from who God is, who He says I am. If this is true (and I know it is) It means I NEED to spend time getting to know Him, so that I can know Me. Selah (Pause and think). Then with what I know of Me, I will become the Me He intended for me to Be from the foundations of the earth and with that I will attract what I should have, what He has promised.

This is so profound and if we catch this, if we apprehend this early, it will make the difference between an awe inspiring 31st December 2018 and an ordinary 31st December 2018. We can determine the end from the beginning, we can choose how we want this script to end – while you wait, Get Intimate – get intimate with God, know Him so that you can know You, that You may attract what He has the capacity to attract.



    1. Thank you soo much. You are absolutely correct. Faith calleth the things that be not as though they were. Monday’s post is basically saying, before you start “calling the things that be not”. Spend time getting intimate with God. So that you may know Him. Many times, when we are in the place of intimacy with God, we find out that, the things we thought we needed, don’t seem like needs anymore. I think it is because we then realise what we really need and then we start calling those things forth.


    1. Thank you soooooooooooooo much Pastor M! Where blogging is concerned, you are my biggest cheer leader! Thank you for pushing me to start. I doubt that i will ever forget that night, after Tuesday service, where you literally provoked me into blogging…Thank you for helping me to be a channel of blessing. Love you Plenty!


  1. I totally love this piece. God bless you dear one! .. and ohh yes..we are humanBeing as PM said!! Why focus on having anyways?? “Know Him that you might know you”… this is explosive!

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