Happy New Year! I am glad that we all made it to 2018. Is it just me or did 2017 move by really quickly? I think it did. I was looking through my journal entry in 2017, particularly my entry on 1st January 2017….Wow. I started off thanking God for 2016 and the amazing things he did for me and in me. I also thanked him for the people that He placed in my life at specific periods/milestones – it all seemed so scripted, so carefully and thoughtfully planned…He (God) was/is truly amazing!

Of particular interest though, is what I declared concerning my 2017:

“For 2017, we will delight ourselves in the Lord and He will grant us our heart’s desires; We will take the lessons from the past and move on to the house of Jesse and we will not hold on to heart aches, disappointments…cause they lead nowhere. It is a new day, a blank page, we will start with the Lord and finish strong. Ameze welcome to 2017, My year of intimacy and confidence in the Lord, full of pleasant surprises and everyone that sees me will say, “of a truth….You are a living Miracle!”

It was an awesome year indeed and looking back, I think that I delighted myself in the Lord and He fulfilled all my heart desires in line with his WILL for me. I let go of offences really quickly (I think) and I suspect that I finished strong…that was 2017. For 2018 though, my word for the year is that I will be Rewarded in FULL! – With the goodness of the Lord. I don’t know why, but there is some form of trepidation – like a “how can these things be?” type of unease. Thankfully I am reminded that when Mary (the mother of Jesus),  asked the angel that appeared to her, how possible it was for a virgin to conceive a child without knowing a man, the angel told her that – With God nothing shall be impossible. 2018 is a year I perceive in my spirit that, we will do BIG things…and it takes a big God to help one achieve BIG things…so if I have a BIG GOD…why the trepidation, why the unease? Do I believe, like I say I do? Lord, help my unbelief!

GOALS, the distance between them and the achievement of them…BIG THINGS…the distance between conception and actualization…waiting, waiting for actualization…What do you do while you wait? How do you wait until your change comes?

In the next couple of posts, I will be sharing my thoughts on what to do, while you wait, what I did while i waited for different things in my life, what people I know, shared with me about what they did while they waited…I hope as I share them, it will help somebody. This is January a month of Jump-starting plans discussed at various strategy sessions held with people or even oneself; for some a month to strategise… but what do you do when you are waiting for actualization? How do you wait for your change to come?

See you next week & Happy New Year!

One Reply to “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

  1. Amen and Amen… 2017 was awesome and I expect nothing less in 2018 by the grace of God. Like they say…if your dreams don’t scare, it means you aren’t dreaming BIG enough. I am expectant!!


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