Merry Christmas! I love saying that. I really love saying “merry Christmas”. For some it is reality (Christmas is merry); for some it is a prophesy (doesn’t feel quite like it, but o well we’re hopeful).

It was a busy day, i spent the whole day being merry and trying to bring some merriment to my family and friends. It was a time of laughter, love and shared experiences…it was an amazing time.

In all of this, i am aware that some don’t feel like being merry, trust me i get it. However whatever the excuse for the gloom or doom, i would just like to say…’tis the season to be jolly’.  Do not let anything or anyone stop you from being jolly. My Pastor says, Christmas is and amazing time in God’s calendar; Angels are on assignment – making the impossible possible. I get it though, about this time over 2000 years ago, a virgin conceived a child…how possible is that?..But the Angel told her “with God nothing shall be impossible.

I encourage you to take delivery of your miracle, put your Angels to work, do not use your words to truncate your miracle  – say the right things. Be expectant, Be excited, Be merry…because God says you should and you can.

Just in case, you weren’t merry today, tomorrow is another day; as a matter of fact, you have the whole season to celebrate. Plan to rejoice, plan to rejoice the way you would,when your story changes. Notice that i wrote ‘when’ and not ‘If’. Sure thing – for as surely as night follows day, God’s word will come to pass. God’s word works 100%, 100% of the time.

Rejoice my people…Have yourself a very Merry Christmas!


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