I grew up hearing tales by moon light (pun intended) about in-laws, especially mothers- in-law and Sisters-in-Law (“SIL”). In fact, stories are often told of how awful these species are – diabolic, inconsiderate, discourteous, the list is endless – some call them monsters, others call them witches.

I however, am a very fortunate person, in fact, I am the most fortunate woman on earth! One of the reasons, (amongst many) why I call myself the most fortunate woman on earth is because of her- “who?” Her – “her who?” My Sister-in-Law – Yvy SIL!

Referred to most fondly by mother as “My asset”, she truly has lived up to her name. Extremely supportive and loyal, our relationship has been every bit the opposite of what many SIL relations are notorious for. I can never forget that night in March 2017…Oh what a night…baby announced to the whole house that she was on her way. That night Yvy SIL, my brother and hubby rushed me to the hospital at about 8pm – the pain was unbearable! Hmmm… Labour…that’s a story for another day. As I was being wheeled into the hospital, tears pouring down my eyes and longing for epidural, like melody in the midst of a storm, I heard Yvy SIL’s voice, ever so gentle – “you will be fine” she said ”You’re almost there”.

After the epidural was administered, I fell asleep. When I woke up, I was informed that Baby will be making her debut on that day and as I was being prepped by a nurse, I could see from the corner of my eye, Hubby, muttering words of prayer under his breadth – funny, I have never asked him what he was saying to God. Then came Yvy SIL, charging through the door of the delivery room “I’m here Sis, I got you”.

Even though the Epidural, had been administered, I still felt the pain that came from the pressure and the exhaustion that came from the act of pushing…but Yvy was right there cheering me on “You can do it, I see her hair, just give it one last push and I assure you, she will be out”. As I heard Baby cry, I heard Yvy SIL’s tear filled voice as she said, “She’s here, Baby is here, you did it Sis, you did it”. We cried together, as Hubby cut the cord and my younger brother, Yvy SIL’s husband, observed from behind the curtain, as he thanked God for the miracle we had all just witnessed.

I am thankful that my sister-in-law experience, especially with Yvy SIL, has been blissful. That night in March 2017, Yvy SIL was my Angel, a God-send, in every way. She is evidence, that God places people in your life and causes them to arise when you need them the most. I am not sure what that day would have been without her – no joke.

I am certain that we can be, as well as, have the best SIL relationships – we just need to pray and try…that’s pretty much the formula – Pray and Try. I believe we have what we say and get what we see. I believe we should rid ourselves of negative mindsets, as they tend to work against us for the most part.

This is dedicated to you Yvy SIL, for being a major part of the most phenomenal day of my life. Thank you & Happy Birthday! Salute!

6 Replies to “WITCHES, REALLY?”

  1. True indeed! Negative mindsets work aganist us really. We just have to stay positive always.
    You are blessed to have a SIL like Yvy.
    Happy Birthday to her. May the heavens open for her sake and load her with every blessings from above. The Lord will establish her and her household. Wishing her God’s best and a fulfilled year.

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  2. A very happy birthday to your gem of an SIL! When we malign in laws, we forget that we ourselves are in laws, too. You’re soo right – try and pray!!! Then leave the rest to God.

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