“How could I forget?” I found myself asking this question over and again on Sunday morning. How could I forget? Why did I forget?

It had been a very busy and overwhelming Saturday. I will explain.

I started my day round about 6.30am because I had a 7am meeting, which lasted till noon. After the meeting, I rushed to the store to pick up some items I required for another meeting scheduled for 1pm. I dropped off the items at the meeting venue, said a hurried goodbye to the meeting host and rushed home, hoping to play with my baby for a couple of minutes and have a 10-minute power nap. Undesirably, I woke up an hour later, rushed out of the house and picked up a friend who I had invited. We made a quick stop at her behest and then we went for my 1 o’ clock… at about 2.30pm. The meeting was a party, so we had fun and about 6pm, I and my friend signed out – I was exhausted – naturally, so I headed home.

It wasn’t over yet. I had a bit of a shouting match in front of my house as someone, in my opinion, had driven inappropriately and caused an accident. I didn’t realise how tired I was, but I remember waking up because I had an unusual dream, I woke up praying and to the sound of my baby crying. I tried everything I knew to do, but she refused to be comforted. I prayed, I cuddled, I sang and danced but she kept crying, for no apparent reason. At about 3am, I was hurting and near tears myself, so I called my husband who was out of town at the time and he tried to speak with her but she kept crying. In the midst of the tears, around 4am, she slept off and was up again at 7am still crying…by this time, her 67-year-old nanny was also crying.

We were able to get her ready for church, gave her some breakfast with paracetamol and we set out. As we worshipped in church to a song that reiterated how good God is, tears flowed freely from my eyes. I could hardly control it. How did I forget that God is good?How could i forget that in spite of how overwhelming a situation may appear, it can only end in one way…it can only end in the display of God’s goodness and His extreme faithfulness. How did I forget?

Then my Pastor came up and preached a message on Covenant Consciousness and how by 2 immutable things it is impossible for God to lie – His Covenant and His Promise! As if he heard my thoughts, he said “God knows that it is possible for you to forget his covenant with you and His promise to you, which is one of the reasons why we take the Communion…to remind us of His Covenant and His Promise. At the end of the service, Baby was amazingly fine and back to her cheerful self…and many mothers made a note to tell me that what I experienced at night was absolutely normal.

However, I left church with a greater truth, not just that babies can have a crying feat, but that I need to constantly remind myself of how faithful God is to His Covenant and His promise. The next time, it may not be a crying baby, it could be the consequence of a bad decision or some lying vanity or the other…I cannot afford to forget that God is faithful to His Covenant and to His promise.

No matter what – we cannot forget that.

In December people take stock of the year and are tempted to feel depressed and/or overwhelmed by unaccomplished goals or stubborn situations – Don’t! This is one situation where we are permitted to have a One-track mind. Whatever it is cannot end in any other way…It can only end in Praise – Never forget that!

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