On a slightly windy and starry night, KP decided to spend some alone time with his wife MP. As they are extremely busy people, the only time that appeared to be available was 10.30 pm. They contemplated how they would spend this time together, time they had succeeded in stealing from their hectic day (turned night). They decided to take a drive on the third mainland bridge (the longest bridge in West Africa).

Off they went, top speed, enjoying the fact that at that time, the bridge would be completely devoid of traffic and this would make the drive a lot more pleasant. Just as it seemed convenient to hit cruise control, MP spotted a ditch and as she yelled “look out!” KP was entering the ditch… powerfully too! Remember they were on top speed.

This of course resulted in a tyre blow out…and they were alone …at 10.50pm…on the longest bridge in West Africa!!! I think this whole situation was further complicated by the fact that it was quite late and they did not have the tools required to fix their car, plus it was a limited brand and as such it would be unlikely that most people would have it. Even if by some strange twist of fate, someone was driving on the bridge, would they stop and offer to help? If they did, would they have the tools to fix the tyre of this peculiar brand of car? If they had the tools, would they be able to fix it?

Questions upon questions….I am not sure if they prayed…but God heard!

Out of nowhere, a gentleman dressed in white, pulled over and without saying a word, changed the tyres, got into his car and drove off. They stared at his rear lights as he drove away and then at each other, wondering…. “what just happened???” – God happened!

Time and time again, God proves to us that we can never be stranded, I admit that sometimes, especially in situations like this, all hope seems bleak…Most times when we face situations where there is no indication that there is a God…He shows up…and sends…wait for it….an Angel.


    1. Hey babe, always a pleasure to read from your heart…..not sure what I truly love, ur write up or you. (Guess they are one & d same).
      Thanks for lighting up my week. May God show up for us always. 🙏🏻

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  1. He delights in showing up when all hope seems lost! God of awesome wonders,This helps is to always remember that he will come through regardless of how hopeless the situation might seem.

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