She got up that morning, not particularly excited about the day for reasons a lot of women can relate to – Dysmenorrhea (Menstrual Cramps). Nonetheless, she had to go to work and look good while at it or at least attempt to.

It was also her office buddy’s birthday and she needed to celebrate the day with her. So she screamed, when everybody was screaming, laughed when everyone was laughing and participated in the day’s celebration while struggling with the pain and discomfort from the cramps.

Finally, the day was done and she needed to make a stop on her way home. She battled fiercely with the decision to make the stop or head home instead –  she decided to go home determined to brave through the traffic in spite of the pain. As she drove, she noticed that the cars to her left were changing lanes. “There’s probably a broken-down vehicle ahead”, she thought, when suddenly, she saw a car on fire. Quickly, she navigated her way to the car and parked in front of it (maintaining a reasonable distance of course). She jumped out of her car and reached for her fire extinguisher. She noticed that another car had parked behind hers and a gentleman came out, also with a fire extinguisher. Together, they helped put out the fire, saving the car from being burnt to ashes.

She ended the story by saying to me, “it was a tough day, I could have made my stop instead of going home directly, but God knew that the occupants of that car would need help, I’m glad He chose me to help them – I’m glad God chose me”.

To my friend and to the gentleman who put out the fire and saved complete strangers from total disaster – inspite of whatever they were dealing with at the time, You are angels and I say, Salute!

3 Replies to “ANGELS – GLAD HE CHOSE ME”

  1. The mistake we often make is that we always pray for God to bless us and bless our families etc, However if we pray to God to order our steps to be the answer to the cries of many and be a blessing to them and actually be a blessing and solution provider to people especially the ones who are not directly connected to us or who cannot repay us, the harvest of blessings from them are exceedingly and abundantly beyond our imaginations.
    Lord help us to be the angel that someone has been praying for.

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