The Bible refers to Angels as ministering spirits, sent to serve those who will inherit salvation. As a matter of fact, my Pastor touched on this a bit at last week’s midweek service. Today though and probably in the next couple of posts, I will be writing about phenomenal people. People who have been awesome to other people. I am extremely honoured that the recipients of the good deeds and the people who did these deeds – shared their stories with me. Here’s the first story:

So a friend of mine – boisterous, full of life, one who considers the world her oyster – decided to leave her extremely well-paying job to start her own business. A very bold move. She talked about the excitement of starting something new and how while working for her employer she thought to herself, “I can do this now, why don’t I channel all this energy into doing my own business.” She talked about how she had enjoyed working with her employers and how she made so many friends.

One of the friendships/relationships she had made was with another lady equally as lively as she is…she said the lady wasn’t particularly nice to her but….” Oh well it was one of those things” she said. They used to call each other names like mumu (dummy), calf…not quite sure I remember the names of the other animals, bottom line – they used to throw shade at each other. She also mentioned that there was a class distinction between the lady and herself – my friend often felt inferior as the lady was a full staff and she was on contract.

As she told me this story, I did not want to ask, the questions that tugged at me. Questions like” Did you do a feasibility study? Did you save up enough money to cater to your needs for a year at least? Did you have a couple of clients just waiting for you to start so they could sign up? How exactly did you arrive at the decision to leave and start your own business?” – I thought of all the “Did Yous” imaginable.

I was jolted out of my thoughts, when she said, “I suffer no be small” (I had a really hard time). “I couldn’t believe how difficult business development was”. People that had promised her transactions weren’t able to keep their promise. Then she said, “But God sent me an angel”. Guess who it was people? The mumu, calf, animal – her ex-colleague. Before she could say more I interjected by saying “sebi you see say na you be animal!” (Clearly you are the animal) and we both burst out laughing.

Apparently, her ex-colleague called her to check on her and to see how life as an entrepreneur had turned out …and she said she didn’t have a good story to tell her. Then she said, “She put me on a salary!” I said, “I don’t understand, please explain”.

She said “this girl, this ex- colleague said to me “I imagine that starting a business is tough, so I will put you on a salary till you get another job. When you get another job, try to save and plan your exit, because I believe you should do this business, you just need to be more prepared!”

Wow! I was officially blown away, blown out of the water! My friend said to me “God proved, from the most unlikely source, that He is my source & sufficiency – God sent me an Angel!”

Guess what people… They Walk Among Us. May God grant us the grace to discern the angels around us…in Jesus name, Amen!




  1. Woow…. I was so so captivated and never imagined the end of the story. Good job sis. I pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to minister to us in our day to day lives. We will not miss our Angel in Jesus name


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